I must not be like other girls. I’ve got no problem celebrating momentous occasions like my birthday (I’m 41—if anyone’s counting) or the fact that it’s Thursday—that delicious harbinger of the anticipated weekend. So if you don’t mind I’d like to ask you to indulge me as I do the happy dance of celebration at the anniversary of my first 30 days at Citrix.

 Now you might be tempted to assume that this dance resembles the jig of someone still firmly planted in the honeymoon phase of their latest career move. But you’d be only partially right. Admittedly I am still basking in the soft glow of joy that accompanies a new job, new colleagues and a new direction to get excited about. But there’s something about this occasion that thrusts it beyond that all-too-familiar script.

At the risk of sounding kooky, this feeling is more of a feeling of lightness; a bounce that I’ve acquired as I’ve discovered the freedom that comes from no longer being tethered to the grey cubical landscape of the workplace of yesterday. You see, I am one of the lucky bonafide “work anywhere” employees of Citrix leveraging the technology to transform the way I work. Some call this somewhat new work style “workshifting.”  I call it an awesome idea whose time has come!

Being a “fully-remote employee” for Citrix for these last 30 days has helped me discover the pleasures of being a wireless work warrior in search of that hip hang-out spot—the one with WiFi where I can use the change of venue to manufacture some inspirado. Ok maybe I’m a bit too old to convince you I’ve got any hipster cred, but I can say I’ve enjoyed the fun of finding lip-smacking lunch spots where I can linger and get some work done.

In addition to my newfound mobile-worker freedom, another aspect of working for Citrix I’ve enjoyed has been their BYOC—Bring Your Own Computer—initiative. This popular program reimbursed me for my sleek new Samsung 9 Series laptop (weighs less than 3 lbs.!) and made it ridiculously easy to use for work, since I don’t have to download any work software. Using the Citrix XenDesktop application I simply log in remotely to my virtual desktop which is hosted in the cloud. Other than the XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver applications, there were no additional software downloads required to get me up and working. And, one of my favorite features is that I don’t have to close documents and applications when I log off—they stay open and wait in the cloud for my return. When I log back on to my virtual desktop, my work is waiting for me, open docs and all! 

Of course the most substantial benefit of this great work arrangement is that  my family and I remain residents of Portland–a city with which I am smitten beyond measure. And it’s difficult to quantify the happiness that comes as a result of loving where you live and loving how and for whom you work.