Here’s a potentially scary scenario: You have a branch office served by XenDesktop and one day 50 users all need to watch a live video broadcast as your CEO presents the company’s new restructuring plan. There’s no way the network pipe to the branch office can support 50 simultaneous video streams, at least not at any decent resolution. Are you ready to handle this challenge?

If this is a scenario that could impact your organization you need a solution that, instead of sending 50 simultaneous video streams to the branch, sends a single video stream and splits it locally. The good news is that such a solution is available through our Citrix Ready ecosystem. Qumu is a Citrix Technology Partner with a Citrix Ready webcasting infrastructure product, VideoNet Edge, that ensures that only one video stream crosses the WAN per branch office.

Without Qumu, 50 users viewing a 500 Kbps video stream would require 25 Mbps of network bandwidth:

With Qumu VideoNet Edge, the same scenario consumes only 0.5 Mbps of network bandwidth:

Qumu VideoNet Edge supports Live and Video-on-Demand broadcast from an edge distribution appliance, supporting Windows Media, H.264, Flash, and .mp3 formats, with progressive download, http streaming, RTSP and multicast support. When used in conjunction with the Citrix Branch Repeater (BR), VideoNet Edge complements BR-provided VoD acceleration with live stream optimization via splitting, file prepositioning and BR cache “warm-up”. Tests by Qumu showed that, when used in conjunction with Branch Repeater for live streams, VideoNet Edge produces a 99% reduction in utilized bandwidth for a 100 person branch office.

Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management
Citrix Product Strategist for HDX