It’s not a secret that IT departments have smaller staffs, tighter budgets, and an increasingly complex installed base composed of aging endpoints with outdated operating systems. Many are struggling just to keep things running, let alone making the desktop environment better for users.

Join this webinar hosted by Citrix and Wyse to hear the thoughts of guest speaker, IDC analyst Tom Mainelli, on the benefits of desktop virtualization, including the technology’s ability to offer increased worker productivity, enhanced data security, greater energy savings, and an improved return on investment (ROI) over traditional computing models.

The webinar discussion will:

  • Explore the challenges facing companies looking to implement the technology
  • Forecast some of the related technology markets
  • Examine the real-world benefits several joint Citrix and Wyse customers are enjoying with their desktop virtualization implementations

Register to attend this webinar today to learn how your organization can develop the right desktop virtualization strategy to fit your needs. Also, upon registering, you will receive a free copy of the IDC white paper, sponsored by Citrix and Wyse “Driving Productivity with the Anywhere, Anytime Virtual Desktop”.