Ever wondered what happened to the User Driven Desktop Restart feature in XD5?

Remember – This was the feature that if enabled (through the AMC/DSC),  would allow users to restart their own Virtual Desktop(s) if they hung during use or launch. The advantage here being a reduction in helpdesk calls with users being able to restart their desktop as if they were carrying out a cold boot on a local Desktop.

Well to control this setting in XD5 we need to use PowerShell as there is no option to manage this through the Desktop Studio…

cmdlet of choice = Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule
Usage Example(s):
Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule <desktopgroup_Direct> –AllowRestart $false
Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule <desktopgroup_AG> –AllowRestart $false
-$true = Enable
-By default – the feature is enabled for all new Desktop Groups
See you soon for more XD Tips 🙂 


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