At Summit San Francisco, May 23-24, Citrix announced the acquisition of Kaviza and introduced VDI-in-a-Box, our newly added solution to the Citrix suite of virtualization, networking, and cloud computing technologies.

A turnkey product for the SMB market, VDI-in-a-Box complements the market-leading Citrix XenDesktop® product line for enterprise-class desktop virtualization solutions. The SMB market is looking for simple, server-hosted virtual desktops that costs less than a PC and are easier to set up and manage.

The all-in-one VDI product, VDI-in-a-Box, offers a solution that focuses on affordability with a broad-based scope, without the complexity.

  • No separate connection brokers
  • No load balancers
  • No provisioning servers
  • No expensive shared network storage

Kaviza VDI-in-Box:

  • Installs quickly and is easy to manage – A single all-in-one virtual appliance enables the full production deployment of virtual desktops in two hours or less. Additional servers can be deployed and connected to the grid in minutes. A simple administrator interface makes moves, adds and changes simple.
  • Delivers a high-definition user experience with HDX™ – Citrix HDX technology delivers high performance and complete virtual desktop capabilities to any device, or any network, while minimizing bandwidth requirements.
  • Utilizes simple, cost-effective infrastructure to provide a high return on investment – The grid architecture delivers a highly available solution with fewer servers than traditional VDI solutions and no shared storage or management servers.
  • Provides flexibility and choice – The open architecture provides multi-hypervisor support for Citrix XenServer® and VMware ESX, with Microsoft Hyper-V support coming soon.

Partners can access resources about VDI-in-a-Box at My Citrix.