Several different companies have been a big target for data and application attacks that really makes users wonder what is safe to do online.  See latest article on all the different companies (gaming, defense, banking and more) that had data and application attacks in their sites: latest news

Some companies may think that having Network Firewall handles most of the attacks, but based some of the the articles I’ve read, about 80% of the attacks are attacks to the applications.   I am sure there are other similar studies out there, with different stats, feel free to comment on those articles, and analyst reports for references.

In any case, the value prop of having a Web Application Firewall (WAF) such as NetScaler WAF is that it can handle a lot of these latest attacks and more!  The benefits of having WAF is far better than dealing with privacy ramifications from stolen  identity, stolen intellectual property, and down time costs of critical business and web apps.

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