For the second year in a row, the Trade-up to XenDesktop team (comprised of many Citrites from our marketing, sales and licensing teams) staffed two booths at our annual partner and customer event – Summit/Synergy 2011. Our goal was simple… to continue to build Trade-up momentum by increasing awareness, demonstrating the savings, answering questions, and having in-depth conversations about the Trade-up program and XenDesktop with both our customers and partners.

This year’s theme was “Trade-up is good.” We thought it was a perfect theme for this year’s event as the message carried mass appeal for both audiences. For Citrix XenApp customers, the Trade-up program continues to make it easy to add all the benefits of desktop virtualization to their proven XenApp implementation, at a savings of more than 70% off  the XenDesktop SRP. For our partners, leading with the Trade-up immediately increases their Citrix product and renewal businesses. Trade-up sales also result in  new service opportunities as partners help their customers design, implement and support a desktop virtualization rollout – all when the time is right. The new 2011 Trade-up RESTART promotion also gives partners a great way to kick start conversations with customers that let their Subscription Advantage membership expire.

As a participant in the Trade-up activities at Summit/Synergy this year, I have to say that the level of Trade-up program knowledge was really impressive. Of the more than 100 customers that visited us – most were focused on how to make Trade-up a reality for their company, not on what the program or product benefits are. They already knew that. So, we concentrated on conversing with customers about their desktop virtualization priorities and showing how much they could save with the  Trade-up calculator, which gave them some tangible evidence to take back to their respective places of work.

Among all of the reasons that we heard in San Francisco about why customers are interested in trading-up to XenDesktop now, four of them were most frequently mentioned.

  1. Increased interest and demand for cloud computing and virtual desktop from users, with example such as “my management is starting to ask for it” or “the sales department wants it…”. For these customers the idea of trading-up and gradually move their company from XenApp to XenDesktop made a lot of sense.
  2. The combination of the 2:1 Trade-up option and the new User/Device functionality delivered with XenDesktop 5 Service Pack 1. The 2:1 Trade-up option has always been a hit with customers. Now, with the new licensing functionality, it’s even easier for customers to switch to a User/Device license – and save big while doing it! The new XenDesktop licensing functionality allocates and manages the licenses automatically (no list to manage) based on usage, which can reduce the total amount of licenses needed and address compliance concerns. For customers with a concurrency of 1 to 2 and sometimes higher, especially if they have a certain percentage of shared devices, taking advantage of the 2:1 is even more of a no brainer. We held a Synergy session to explain all of the benefits of the new User/Device licensing functionality (packed room). Watch this session to learn what it can do for your customers.
  3. Availability of a concurrent license (CCU) option for XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum with comments like “We looked into Trade-up last year but you didn’t have CCU, now that you have it, we want to review it again”; using the Trade-up calculator we were able to generate a lot of enthusiasm with discount often averaging 65% or more (FYI, you can print or email the results in a snap).
  4. Trade-up RESTART. Simply said, customers with expired Subscription Advantage (SA) were excited about the fact that they can get all of the added benefits of XenDesktop and get current on Subscription Advantage – all for an incredibly attractive price in 2011. If you have customers that may have not done business with you in some time, talking about Trade-up RESTART is a great door opener.

Trade-up was very successful in 2010, and continues to grow rapidly in 2011. Partners like J4 systems, Agile 360, EDCi, Choice Solutions can attest to this success. Make sure you seize this opportunity too.

Shows like Synergy are always a great occasion for us Citrites to meet our partners and customers face-to-face, to serve, to learn and to have a great time (and little sleep :)). We look forward to meeting you again at our next event – Synergy Barcelona.