This blog is part of an initiative by the Citrix Ready team to help partners get up-to-date on the Citrix brand identity elements. If you are reading this, you may be using the outdated Citrix Ready logos – you will know this because it uses the ‘red dots’. If you are using these logos on the partner or product listings section of your website, it is time to update.



The Citrix Ready program gives partners the benefit of utilizing up-to-date visual elements to deliver this all important message to customers – the promise that your solution is compatible with Citrix. We believe you can take full advantage of these benefits, specifically by the use of our new Citrix Ready Partner logos and Citrix Ready badge in your product listings section. At a time when businesses and technology companies are looking for the Citrix Ready logo as a sign of assured compatibility and technological alignment, the importance of this exercise is all the more pronounced. These elements serve to inspire customer confidence.

Here is how you can use the logos available to you in the Logo gallery on My Citrix (login required)-

  • Citrix Ready Partner Logo: You can now use the partner logo on your website home page/ partner section. This serves as a clear indicator of our partnership and highlights the Citrix Ready verification on your products or solutions.
  • Citrix Ready Badge: This is for usage on all verified product/ solution listings on your website.

We would also like to encourage you to inform your marketing team to use our latest corporate logo for mention of Citrix in the partner section of your website.

Leave your comments in this post, or send your queries to Here is saying goodbye to red dots!