The new Motorola Photon 4G just announced with Sprint includes the best Motorola feature, Webtop.  This mode is enabled when the Photon is plugged into an HDMI dock that is connected to a full sized display, keyboard and Mouse. Embedded inside Webtop are FireFox , Citrix Receiver and a file manager allowing a mobile user to dock the phone and use it as a full Desktop alternative   ( ie NirvanaPhone ) when accessing XenDesktop. Functionally many of the features and are similar to the ATT ATRIX and some of the specs are the same, although it is a different phone running on Sprints 4G network and including international GSM capability.

This is great news for Sprint customers with iPhone or ATRIX envy , stay tuned for pricing and availability this summer.

The Citrix vision to allow you to work and play from anywhere by getting Receiver everywhere just got another step closer.