For updating XenApp with new applications and patches, Citrix has a monthly outage weekend. During that outage, security and hardware patches, new applications, and application updates are delivered to our XenApp farms using automated scripts. About two weeks prior to the outage weekend we like to have all of the items that we be getting delivered during the outage to be completed. Once we have all of the changes set, we then conduct an outage weekend test cycle. In the outage weekend test cycle, we have the application owners for business critical applications log in to QA servers and verify that their applications are working properly, and are interacting with any other applications properly as well. The application owners then provide approval before the outage weekend takes place. We also have a weekly outage window for delivering any websites, or urls to internal files and servers (files, Sharepoint links, etc.). A key factor in determining if something can be delivered during a weekly outage or outage weekend is if the application, or published content will require a server reboot. Applications or published content that does require a reboot must occur during a monthly outage weekend. We would be interested in hearing what other processes and procedures other companies use for coordinating their XenApp deliveries.