At a time when the mobile market is feeling the crunch of excessive demand against limited infrastructure capabilities and looking at migration to 4G and LTE networks, the revenues being generated by the service providers are not exactly going through the roof. This has hence forced the providers to come up with pricing plans and offers which defer from the traditional mould.

Two of the many such options being sought after by these providers are:-

1. Usage and plan based distinction:
This plan is not something new and has been efficiently deployed in the broadband market, but the same is yet in its nascent stages in the mobile market. Providers are eagerly looking at creating a distinction between a “premium” user and a normal user. Where in the “premium” user pays more and gets a larger chunk of the bandwidth.

2. Selective / Plan based web usage:
This is somewhat akin to the pricing strategies employed by the Television service providers market where in the user decides the channels he/she wishes to view and is allowed only that. This strategy is also being explored by the MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) in which only a few select web pages are made available to the user depending upon the plan taken by the user. For eg. A user with a limited budget and requirement can take up a plan in which he/she is allowed only one/ two social networking sites viz. facebook and twitter and not be allowed any other service hence ensuring regulated traffic and hence reduced loads on the already over loaded networks.

NetScaler as a policy enforcement appliance can offer advanced solutions to provide contextual user and traffic awareness to service providers and be deployed by the service providers for enabling either of the plans. Thus enabling these MNO’s to make dynamic, policy-based traffic routing decisions and enable them to offer premium opt-in services.