We at Kaviza always appreciated the Citrix tagline, “Simplicity is power” – because this has been a guiding principle for us in the design of VDI-in-a-box from day one.

So, it was a true honor when Mark Templeton opened Synergy last wednesday with the news of Citrix acquiring Kaviza, with the tag line  “Complexity is optional”.

But what does simplicity truly mean when it comes to Desktop Virtualization?

To us, it is the simplicity of the end-to-end experience – can users evaluate, buy and use a virtual desktop just as easily or even more simply than they can with their current PCs?

This means not only does the VDI solution have to be easy to manage and quick to deploy, which is our focus with the all-in-one VDI-in-a-box, but setting up the thin-clients, the servers, etc have to all be equally simple and easy.

We are and will continue to work with our ecosystem partners to make this end-to-end experience simple and integrated.

Last week, we announced three integrated bundles with Wyse, starting at $99 per seat that integrates Wyse thin-client technologies with VDI-in-a-box, making it easier for SMB customers to procure and deploy desktop virtualization.

And with our integrated HDX user experience and on-demand scaling, customers can get simplicity and affordability without compromising performance.

What does simplicity mean to you?  Tell us, your feedback is important as we work on building the next generation of VDI-in-a-box within Citrix.