1)      The last breakout session for NetScaler on Thursday late afternoon right before Synergy party still has over 100+ attendees!

2)      NetScaler had three main pods on the Citrix booth and two solution pods, and there was still a long line of people waiting to ask their questions

3)      Customers want to have the SKUs for NetScaler SDX, Cloud Bridge and Cloud Gateway that day so they can start buying

4)      Three NetScaler product announcements are part of MarkT’s keynote address – NetScaler Cloud Gateway, NetScaler Cloud Bridge and NetScaler SDX

5)      At 2am in the morning, at Denny’s across Marriott, can still talk happily about NetScaler! 

In summary, having done several Synergy conferences in the past, this was by far the most exciting for us Networking folks.  Many customers gathering to the NetScaler pods to learn more about “Follow me data” and “Follow me apps”.  I had a group of folks coming after the NetScaler breakout session and wanting to know when DataStream is available for Oracle because they needed it yesterday!  Also, in my breakout session after talking about AppFW AppExpert Template for Web Interface, folks were asking afterwards when we will come out with more templates/solutions with XenApp and XenDesktop.  Customers also wanted to know how to start using AppFlow and where to download Splunk or Solarwinds tools that are AppFlow ready. 

Overall – awesome Synergy 2011 in SF!  Come check out all the breakout sessions at CitrixTV