As you know, Provisioning Services works with several components across network. So you have to capture the whole systems with broad vision for designing, tuning and troubleshooting of Provisioning Service.

1. Getting Start with marshaling and understanding mechanism of  Provisioning Service Systems below.

Clients PXE boot from their NIC with DHCP broadcast/Discover

DHCP Service gives the clients IP address

PXE Service give the source distension of Bootstrap file (or DHCP option) to clients.

Clients access TFTP Service for Bootstrap file

Client get Bootstrap file and boot with it

Client access to Stream Service and get the driver and Operating System image for themselves’ boot.

2. Have to Check Which Process above Problems/Bottle-Necks occurs. You need to squeeze which process the problem is occurring and marshal what the behavior depend… Depend on the User ? or The Device? or Network? The number of Concurrent connections?

3. Best Practice for Provisioning Service you have to check is below.

Many problem should be solved with this document.

4. Tuning Parameter for Bootstrap During booting target devices, Bootstrap configuration parameter is important and to  be checked.

Logon General Timeout: Timeout value for target device to be registered on Database in booting.

Logon Polling Timeout: Timeout by polling between VDA and PVS after loading operating system.

Interrupt Safe Mode: check “On” when target devices fail to boot in early  process.

5. Logs for Provisioning Service below help you solve the problem below and you can configure log-depth-level depending on the need.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Citrix\Provisioning Services\logs

Files are below

Stream.log (by StreamProcess.exe、StreamProcess.exe、Manager.dll and Streamdb.dll)

MCLI.log (by MCLI.exe)

SoapServer.log (by SoapServer.exe)

Console.log (by Console.exe)

ConfigWizard.log (by ConfigWizard.exe)

Log Level

Trace / Debug / Info / Warn / Error / Fatal

Provisioning Service provide Effective Management of Desktops, and super-scalable system with suitable design, you need to consider and verify well in design phase.