NetScaler Cloud Gateway got launched with Synergy keynote this week. There is a lot of interest and curiosity in what we are trying to do different here. Out of the several great aspects of this product, what impacts IT administrators a lot is the insight, visibility and control of SaaS/Cloud Apps.

Ask an IT administrator about how much control he has got on enterprise Sharepoint deployment and he would be excited to talk about it because:

  1. He owns the deployment, hardware
  2. Has complete control over software
  3. Knows how many users are signed up
  4. Knows how many users are currently logged in
  5. Has control to terminate a malicious session
  6. Has visibility into response time
  7. Knows and plan maintenance and downtime

Now you take the same IT administrator and ask him same set of questions about a SaaS App your enterprise depends on for business critical data. The response would be something like:

1. This App does not come under my ownership
2. App is not deployed in our datacentre
3. I know we have 100 licenses but not sure how many get used ??
4. Not sure if we need more license or need to cut down ??
5. Cannot control any user session ??
6. Does not have information on which user wants new account
7. No visibility in response time, App going down etc… ??

As enterprises do day to day work and business through Cloud/SaaS Apps the list of worry for an IT admin will just keep growing. We are trying to solve this key problem with

NetScaler Cloud Gateway Interactive Admin Dashboard

Let us get into the next level details.

User Management

User Management view provides complete insight on user activities for the managed Apps. Shows you the number of “Logged In” versus “Locked Out” users for various Apps. Administrator can:

  1. Unlock user accounts
  2. Has visibility into pending account requests
  3. Can generate reminders for pending requests
  4. Has visibility into current user sessions
  5. Has control to terminate user sessions
License Utilization

License Utilization provides key values like:

  1. How many licenses are allocated for a particular App?
  2. How many of those licenses are in use?
  3. What is the average license usage for the App?
  4. Are you running out of licenses on any App?
  5. Are you under utilizing the licenses for any App?
  6. Number of Inactive accounts on this App
  7. Intranet versus Remote users accessing the App

These are bunch of data points which helps you understand complete usage view of the SaaS App your organization has signed up for and employees are using.

Application SLA

Application SLA is likely to be the most critical tool for the IT administrator because there is no way to track SLA for Cloud/SaaS Apps today. The common problem we approach IT with is “Access is broken” or “Access is very slow”. This part of the Dashboard provides you visibility in:

  1. Application response time
  2. Application response time against defined SLA
  3. An event like Application going down
  4. Notification on scheduled maintenance
  5. Overall App Uptime and since when
  6. Average response time in specific time interval
  7. Average uptime in specific time interval
  8. Scheduled versus Unscheduled outage
Diving into single Application

We went over all the broken down pieces of the Dashboard and you can use the same Dashboard and dive down into specific Application details. For example here we are looking at details for NetSuite.

Overall this brand new Dashboard takes the value proposition added by NetScaler Cloud Gateway to altogether different level !!!