Well, this is the third day for the Kaviza team as part of Citrix and it has been an exciting whirlwind so far.

It all began on Monday afternoon, during the Summit keynote for Citrix partners, where Citrix broke open the news of our acquisition.  What was really fun is how it was unveiled.

As the keynote drew to an end, Gordon Payne the SVP of the Desktop division was asked to come on stage to discuss “one more thing”. He talked about the arms race of 1000s of desktops and said that since the partners had helped XenDesktop become the No. 1 virtual desktop solution, he had bought them a present that creates a great new business opportunity.

He had a huge box rolled onto the stage, and he heightened this notion of how they had acquired a high-end, large system, and then on cue, the sides of the box fell open to reveal a small server…

An off-the-shelf server that runs 30 to 50 Kaviza VDI-in-a-box virtual desktops, that can be simply snapped together to create an expanding grid of virtual desktops, making it ideal for SMB customers..

Gordon then explained to the audience how with creates a great new business opportunity to create large-scale adoption of  virtual desktops with the millions of SMB customers worldwide.

Our whole team was there, and we were introduced to the 3,000+ channel partners in the audience.  We’ve made many new friends, and we are eager to start working with all of them.

We have had a lot of questions about our go-forward plans, and here is what I can share so far:

1.    Citrix is continuing to sell Kaviza VDI-in-a-box in its current form

2.    VDI-in-a-box becomes the SMB offering and complements XenDesktop which is aimed at the enterprise audience

3.    All current Kaviza customers and partners can continue to buy new licenses and receive support

4.    Citrix Solutions Advisors can start selling VDI-in-a-box from July 1st

5.    We are working to transition our systems and processes, we want to ensure we have everything working together smoothly to make this a success for Citrix customers and partners.

Here are some fun pictures from Monday. We are demonstrating VDI-in-a-box in the Exhibit Hall, you can see our multi-hypervisor support in action with a technology preview of VDI-in-a-box running on Hyper-V3.

As we continue our exciting journey at Citrix, I will post more updates on this blog.  Here are a few more pictures from Monday: