I’m no stranger to new experiences. In fact, when I was young I moved nearly every two years after the age of ten. I even went to three undergraduate universities before I finally graduated with a degree from the University of Michigan. Because of this I didn’t hesitate when my new boss asked me to jump into my new role and join her and my new team at the annual user conference Citrix Synergy. Yet I’m not sure I fully anticipated what the experience would be like. In fact, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.

The Citrix Synergy conference includes much of what you’d expect to see at a user conference: informative technical sessions, engaging speakers, captivating booth content, and expertly-executed events. But what I saw that seemed a bit out-of-the-ordinary to me was the level of engagement and passion demonstrated by the attendees. In fact, during yesterday’s opening keynote by Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, the Twittersphere was so on fire with positive accolades for the nine– yes, nine –announcements made by the company that I thought briefly the internets themselves might spontaneously combust under the sheer magnitude of all that praise.

All kidding aside, there were some pretty spectacular announcements that have the capacity to really transform the way we work. One of my personal favorites is the release of the Beta for GoTo Meeting with HD Faces.. It’s funny that the other day I was talking with someone and asking why web conferencing wasn’t more prevalent given the exorbitant costs of travel these days. Now that question becomes even more vivid given the new capability of seeing up to six of your colleagues in HD quality graphics (can you say no more bathrobe meetings?).

Although passionate about technology, I’m not a technologist. But I was still overcome with the contagious enthusiasm that exuded from the attendees. For fear of sounding like a Citrix Koolaid conneseur, I literally felt like history was being made. And what an incredible thing to feel on only my third day with the company!

If you weren’t able to join the Citrix Synergy party in person I encourage you to check out this keynote (Citrix Keynote Day 1). I won’t soon forget it and the seemingly revolutionary new product features that were included. From the ability to use Android apps on your PC to the “follow-me” nature of Citrix-enabled computing, it feels like a new era of flexibility and simplicity is on the immediate horizon [Please see the releases on these enhancements as I certainly don't do them justice in my newb state]. And as someone who was recently hired by Citrix under the “work anywhere” philosophy (I live in Portland and will remain there connected to my collegues via the interwebs), I’m thrilled to be a part of this company in such a transformational time.