I am here in San Francisco all this week attending Summit and Synergy. So I’ve decided to keep a diary of my time here so I can share my experiences of the sessions I attend and the people I meet.

Day 1 of Synergy and the place is now packed. The keynote started at 10:30 this morning so I decide to head early and catch a breakout session. I decide to head into Chris Fleck’s “Say “yes” to BYO tablets, computers and smartphones in the workplace”.

Up next was a quick cup of coffee and then straight into the keynote to get a good seat.

Some of the announcements were around:

  • Personal Cloud (enabling a more virtual workstyle for users)
  • GoToManage for iPad
  • XenClient 2 and XenClient XT
  • NetScaler Cloud Gateway
  • NetScaler Cloud Bridge
  • Project Olympus
  • Follow-Me data concept

And many other announcements, all of which you can find discussed on the community blogs.

In the afternoon I was helping out in the learning lounge with the Tools as a Service (TaaS) crew, where we

were running overviews of the tool and gathering usability feedback. iPad 2 up for grabs, email

TaaS@citrix.com if interested in meeting up and discussing all things TaaS.

Later that day I was helping out with one of the TaaS learning labs, session ended at 10pm which was late.
Long day for me, but it was packed with lots of exciting news, announcements, great conversations with

customers and colleagues, and great fun

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the [Citrix Support Facebook site|


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