Our annual partner (Summit) and customer conference (Synergy) has begun in my home town of San Francisco. And before it’s over, I wanted to take a minute and tell you what I’m presenting on this year to possibly peak your interest. I’m actually doing a few different things this year…

On Tuesday I co-presented a very technical session (twice) with Thomas Berger on XenDesktop Scalability for our partner community. It was SUM209 in case you missed it and want to download the presentation. But we basically stepped through each component in the XD “stack” one by one and talked about their respective scalability/bottlenecks and how to size everything. So if you’re wondering how the new IMA-less architecture of XD5 affects farm (“site”) size, then you better check it out. Or if you’re wondering what impact the stateless Controller architecture has on SQL, you better download it.

I should also point out that I’m going to re-deliver a good chunk of that XD Scalability presentation at BriForum 2011 in July. Today was a great day because I found out that my submission was accepted and I’ll be presenting at BriForum for my 3rd straight year. And since I get double the amount of time to present (these Synergy sessions are about 40-45 mins whereas the BriForum slots are typically 75-90), I’m going to be able to go much deeper. So if you missed Synergy and can get your boss to pop for BriForum, come see me in Chicago this summer and I promise I’ll keep it super-technical and entertaining.

On Thursday (and repeated on Friday), I’ll be presenting the last part (part 5) of our “Wow to How” series to our customer community. And I’m really happy I got the last part of this series because it’s “Lessons Learned from Deploying XenDesktop – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”. We’re going to share best practices, and my personal favorite, worst practices! If you’re thinking about deploying XD and want to hear what other customers have been doing in order to succeed (or fail), then don’t miss this breakout session. It’s SYN349 in case you want to download it later or stream it live!

And last but not least, I’ll be squaring off with a couple CTPs like RickD and Shawn Bass on Thursday night via Geek Speak Live (SYN511). Dan Feller and Doug Demskis (both Lead Architects in our Consulting Practice) will be joining me as well and it should be very entertaining. We’re going to talk about MCS vs. PVS, IOPS, memory overcommitment features, local storage vs. shared storage and a few more really hot topics. So if you want to geek out and hear the real truth behind some of these things, come check it out.

Hope to see you in San Francisco this week or in Chicago this summer for BriForum.


Nicholas Rintalan
Senior Architect
Americas Consulting
Citrix Consulting