Back in March I posted a series of blog posts highlighting how you can easily create XenApp Farms and then add tenants and capacity to that farm. You can read them here:

As hinted in these articles a product release was eminent. I am happy say that this shipped on Monday, 5/23/2011. You can download the release here:

We have a good admin guide up there for download that will explain things for you but you might want to just dive in. I’ve prepared a video that shows the basics steps that are needed to get everything working. I suggest you check it out to see how everything works.

This was a challenging project. You might not think that at first. It is just calling some already released installers and role configuration over PowerShell. How hard could that have been?

If that was all it was then I might agree. However these scripts do a lot more than just install some XenApp servers. We lay out the whole reference architecture. That includes a Data Collector, a Backup Data Collector, a Web Interface site, and a backup web interface site.

We enable our new enhanced desktop experience. We publish desktops. We set election preferences. We configure both internal and external WI sites using Access Gateway. We create OU and Worker Groups for each Tenant.

We provide a basic tenant setup with the ability to add and remove tenants on the fly. We do the same thing with additional servers for those tenants called adding and removing capacity. We also try to be customizable on these settings as well following a Burger King development model.

That is a lot of stuff. Why did we do it? Well besides hoping to make tons of money, we wanted to provide a way for you get past a lot of the complexity we dumped on you over the past decade. As markets change the need to build farms dynamically has increased and highlighted these pain points. This is especially true for CSPs in the emerging Cloud markets.

By using these scripts to get a fully functional canned farm based on our tested best practices  you can focus on what is important – your users and getting them the apps they need.

Even if you are a well-established Citrix admin or user I encourage you download this package and take a look at these scripts. I suspect even if you don’t use our out of the box solution there will be something in there that you can incorporate into your environments.