So I was having a conversation the other day with a colleague and we started talking about TV shows and movies and how they would be nothing without the one key supporting actor/actress in the show…

  • “How I Meet Your Mother” would be a flop without Barney Stinson.
  • “Big Bang Theory” would not have the nerdy sarcasm without Sheldon Cooper.
  • “The Departed” would not have had the edgy humor and the good ending if it wasn’t for Mark Walberg.
  • “The Hangover” would not have had memory loss without Alan (Zach Galifianakis).

Feel free to add more to the list…

NetScaler Cloud Bridge is the key supporting actor/actress to cloud computing for without it, cloud computing would be just plain boring.

Think about this…

  • What if the cloud could look and feel like it is part of your datacenter?
  • What if cloud meant extension rather than detached?
  • What if cloud meant leveraging low-cost compute in the cloud, while keeping your data and directory services in a secure, on-premise location (A.K.A. your datacenter)?

NetScaler Cloud Bridge will address these common themes I hear when talking to system administrators considering cloud computing. NetScaler Cloud Bridge is the solution that provides connectivity between enterprise datacenters and off-premise clouds, making the cloud a seamless extension of the enterprise network. NetScaler Cloud Bridge is a complete network solution – available as a standalone physical or virtual appliance or integrated into NetScaler Platinum – enabling enterprises to transparently shift web and app servers to the cloud while keeping the database safely within the enterprise datacenter.

How you ask?

NetScaler Cloud Bridge provides four key network services that make the cloud appear as a native extension of the enterprise network:

  • Seamless Network: L2 network bridging makes the cloud network a natural extension of the enterprise’s L2 network, making it easy to shift resources to the cloud w/out having to re-architect the application.
  • Secured Tunnel: IPSec security ensures that data remains secure as it traverses the network links between the enterprise and the cloud
  • User Transparency: Global server load balancing gives end-users get a single, consistent path to their applications regardless of which enterprise or cloud datacenter happens to be hosting the application at any given time.
  • Optimized Access: TCP optimizations, compression and data de-duplication minimize WAN-caused performance degradation between enterprise datacenters and the cloud.

With NetScaler Cloud Bridge

  • Will make the cloud look and feel like it is part of your datacenter.
  • Will make cloud an extension rather than detached.
  • Will make cloud mean leveraging low-cost compute in the cloud, while keeping your data and directory services in a secure, on-premise location (A.K.A. your datacenter).

So if you are considering cloud computing, consider this integral piece to any cloud… NetScaler Cloud Bridge. NetScaler Cloud Bridge will be the key component to any cloud you consider in your future.