Citrix is announcing the immediate availability and the forthcoming release of a complete refresh of Citrix Receiver distributions covering desktop, tablets and smartphones. The refresh includes updates to Citrix Receiver for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, iOS tablets and smartphones, Android tablets and smartphones, and RIM BlackBerry. In addition Citrix Receiver will be available for RIM PlayBook, HP webOS and ChromeOS notebooks shortly.

We are proud to be one of the only enterprise software solutions available natively for the vast majority of end user devices and platforms. The other day we counted the platforms supported and our estimate is that Citrix Receiver is now available for download to over 1,080,000,000 devices (PCs+Macs+Thin Clients+Tablets+Smartphones). If we only count tablets and smartphones, that’s 325,000,000 devices from over 50 manufacturers and represents over 190 different devices. Of course this number is increasing every day!

Of course there are many reasons that Enterprise IT customers love Citrix Receiver:

• Simple, self-service access to virtual desktops, applications and IT services
• Optimized web-based or native access providing an optimized hi-def user experience on any network or device
• Instant updates to users with complete IT control and visibility
• Easier management of Enterprise data, apps, desktops and SaaS apps through secure centralized deployment to any end user device

We can’t forget that end users too love Citrix Receiver because it provides device independent freedom and flexibility to get their work done anywhere, anytime.

We’re so excited about advancing the capabilities of the leading Citrix Receiver distributions: those for the desktop platforms, Windows and Linux. So excited that I will be blogging about those distributions separately. The Windows and the Linux versions will be available immediately as a Tech Preview (

The third desktop platform version, for the Mac, has also been revamped from the ground-up to leverage the latest Macintosh operating system, Lion OS 10.7. The new version of Receiver for the Mac is reflective of the end user demand to support Macs with the latest secure access features to connect with enterprise data, apps and desktops in a seamless and consistent manner. This version will be available later this summer concurrent with the release of Apple’s new operating system.

The aggressive refresh of Citrix Receiver is another example of Citrix commitment to providing the ultimate in end user experience for virtually every platform and device including the latest in tablet and smartphones. By providing a consistent user experience and app store UI across all platforms Citrix further strengthens its commitment to providing device independent access to Enterprise data, apps and Windows desktops to any user, anywhere.

And, by the way, our partners love our device independence as well. By remaining device agnostic we not only foster a larger community of users but partners as well. Take a look at what they’re saying:

Dell: Mobility Means Getting Things Done from Virtually Anywhere
HP: Enterprise, Start Your Engines
Google: Another Step in the Browser-based Desktop Revolution
Samsung Enterprise Solution Group: Virtualized Mobile Office for Enterprises on the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 and Galaxy S II with Citrix Receiver