Here at Synergy 2011, Citrix made some key announcements and demonstrated next generation technologies for Citrix Receiver – taking a big step forward in terms of offering our customers a universal client for end users to access their enterprise apps, desktops and data from any device, anywhere.

What is our vision for Citrix Receiver?

At the beginning of this year, I took on a new role at Citrix – driving strategy and development for Citrix Receiver and HDX technologies. I am a firm believer of consumerization of IT and I talked about it in a recent blog. The problem is quite simple – IT loves standardization (IT loves when they dont have to pick from moe than one player since no one gets fired). Unfortunately, standardization is under attack for end points, with every major platform player including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and HP trying to establish them as a platform of choice. I speak with many customers and they are unsure as to whom they should bet on for the next generation platform (if there will ever be one platform again). With Citrix Receiver IT gets the power to not have to bet on any platform – because we simply cannot.

In the world where there will be many different types of devices, some owned by the enterprise and others owned by the consumer, the role of IT has to change from managing devices to managing service delivery to any device, anywhere. At Citrix, we are building Citrix Receiver as the universal client that enterprises can use on any device to make this possible, giving IT even more control in this new world while providing end users the expected level of access to their apps, desktops and data from any device, anywhere. This is transformational for end user computing – giving a win-win for both IT and end users.

Citrix Receiver on new devices

We are committed to delivering Citrix Receiver for the new emerging devices, including Receiver for WebOS, Receiver for Playbook and finally Receiver for ChromeOS that uses only the browser and HTML5 technology to deliver any enterprise app/desktop to a Chrome notebook. All these Receivers will be available for download and use shortly. Along with these platforms, we continue to boost the HDX capabilities for Receiver for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS platforms – enabling multimedia and graphics over wide area network. These HDX capabilities are now available for Tech Preview.

Citrix Receiver expands follow-me-apps to any app

While enterprises are rapidly adopting virtual desktops (and apps) and using Receiver to connect to them, I fully envision that there will be scenarios where customers would prefer to simply deliver apps and data to users and not the entire virtual desktop. We made some big announcements that I believe will help our customers build and offer a complete enterprise app store and a complete enterprise data store, offering end users follow-me apps and follow-me-data

Citrix Receiver is getting expanded to not just deliver Windows based apps but also web and SaaS apps. Combined with our new product, NetScaler Cloud Gateway, our customers can centrally orchestrate the delivery of web and SaaS apps – along with their other enterprise windows apps. The last thing you want to do is to create a silo for managing your web/SaaS apps. Using Citrix Receiver, customers have one single enterprise app store for all their apps including Windows, Web and SaaS apps and users can pick and choose the ones they need on any device, they like.

In addition to web and SaaS apps, we also demonstrated a plugin from a Citrix Ready partner, BlueStacks. BlueStacks has developed a Receiver plugin that virtualizes Android apps. As enterprises write Android apps, they do not have to build a silo’ed delivery approach. Instead, they can deliver them to their users all within Citrix Receiver using the BlueStacks plugin. (It is great to see our partners extend Citrix Receiver to offer our customers and even stronger solution).

Citrix Receiver previews follow-me-data

End users save their data wherever they feel is most convenient for the project/task/device they are on – including local disk, network disks, sharepoint servers and even cloud storage. This means all IT rules, policies and regulations get ignored and the enterprise IP is put at risk.

At Synergy, we previewed the ‘Follow-me-data’ technology within Citrix Receiver – providing a single view for users showing all enterprise data stores including integrated SharePoint, network and local drives and cloud storage. Citrix Receiver will enable users to always have an aggregated view of their data regardless of the device they are on. We are building Safe Zone technology into Citrix Receiver for multiple platforms – which encrypts all data and files with the highest levels of Enterprise security. And, it provides IT centralized control with app white-listing and remote wipe of data stored on any device in case a device is lost or stolen. Again – a win-win for users and IT with a transformational experience.

Web experience

More than 1 billion end user desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet and smartphone devices that have been purchased in the last twenty four months can download and enjoy the amazing benefits of Citrix Receiver! And, 100s of millions of tablets alone to be shipped in the next two years will be ready to be plugged into the enterprise app store with Citrix Receiver.

At Synergy we demonstrated Citrix Receiver for web – all a user needs is a browser to connect to their enterprise app-store and data store perfect for scenarios where a user may not have Citrix Receiver locally installed.

Just 2 weeks ago, Citrix Receiver won the Best of Interop award. And this week at Synergy, we have demonstrated and previewed several new capabilities within Citrix Receiver that will continue to make Receiver as the leader in delivery of follow me data, apps and desktops across any device, transforming the end user computing and making virtual workstyle a reality for everyone.