At Synergy in San Francisco today, Citrix announced new Technology Previews for Receiver for Windows and Receiver for Linux.

The new Receiver for Windows will offer enhanced audio and video while the update to Citrix Receiver for Linux offers new HDX enhancements such as flash redirection, multi-monitor support, video conferencing and windows media redirection. By further advancing the end user experience for virtual computing the delta between native desktop and app experience versus the virtual is as small as it’s ever been.

The new Citrix Receiver for Windows and Linux are now available as a Tech Previews ( and will launch concurrent with the release of XenDesktop in August. Both Receiver for Windows and Receiver for Linux will offer full integration with XenDesktop and XenApp to provide for single client delivery of desktops, Windows, web and SaaS applications. Receiver for Windows will also offer simplified IT administration for easier configuration and updating with new single sign-on capabilities to improve the user experience.

Additionally, a new Citrix Receiver for Mac will offer a fully integrated HDX experience and offer day one support for the upcoming Lion OS release.

With the exciting new Receiver product announcements for Windows, Mac and Linux based clients; Citrix continues its momentum in enriching both mobile and desktop platforms with an optimal Windows experience. In fact, there are now over 1 billion PCs, laptops, netbooks, thin clients, tablets and smartphones sold over the past 24 months that can now run on Citrix Receiver technology! It truly is an exciting time for both the industry and Citrix as we continue to make the virtual work style possible by providing for the secure delivery of data, corporate apps and business desktops across any device and platform.