We are excited to have almost 200 government customers and partners in attendance at this year’s Synergy. For those government customers attending Synergy, there are plenty of great speakers and exciting announcements that we are sure will peak your interest.

To help you make the best use of your time at the event, here are some of the sessions that the Citrix Public Sector team recommends you attend during your time at Synergy:

Wednesday May 25, 2011

7:30 – 9:00am – Government Panel Session
Location: Marriott San Francisco Yerba Buena 1 & 2

Panelists from DHs, VA and Harris will discuss their use of Citrix technologies to improve data security while reducing IT administration costs and increasing user productivity. Other topics to include new ways government organizations are delivering user services via cloud leveraging the latest devices.

10:30am – 12:30pm – Synergy Opening Keynote
Location: Moscone West – Level 3

Mark Templeton will take the stage for this opening keynote and layout the Citrix vision for virtual computing and its promise for business. Discussing topics like consumerization and the potential of the cloud, as well as approaches for handling the changing expectations for applications in the enterprise, Mr. Templeton will share technology previews and demonstrations, and is sure to have a surprise or two up his sleeve.

2:30pm – 3:15pm – SYN341: The CDC Telework Strategy: supporting the remote campus
Location: Moscone West – 2001

This session will cover the successful teleworking strategy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has expanded telework by over 50 percent in the last three years while reducing the number of support incidents by the same amount.

4:30pm – 5:15pm – SYN318: HDX Nitro: better, faster virtual desktops — wow!
Location: Moscone West – 2016-2018

Citrix HDX technologies ensure that your users get the best and most seamless desktop computing experience possible. This session will discuss some of the newest HDX technologies, including:
• Instant app startup
• Adaptive HDX performance
• 3x faster client-to-server performance
• High-speed printing
• WAN performance

Thursday May 26, 2011

8:30am – 10:30am – Synergy Opening Keynote
Location: Moscone West – Level 3

One of the featured speakers during this session will be Mike Mestrovich, Senior Technology Office for Solutions and CIO, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Mr. Mestrovich will share the process they used that resulted in the selection of XenClient and XenDesktop from Citrix, and their plans for deployment of tens of thousands of seats to users around the world. Also highlighted in this session will be Simon Crosby, CTO of the Datacenter and Cloud Division at Citrix. Mr. Crosby will be discussing innovation in the Cloud Era, including barriers to enterprise adoption such as the lack of familiarity among IT personnel with what various cloud offerings can do to transform the workplace.

3:00pm – 3:45pm – SYN310: XenClient security: deep dive with Ian Pratt and behind the scenes with the Defense Intelligence Agency
Location: Moscone West – 2007, 2009, 2020, 2022

This session will explore the unique security and data isolation capabilities of XenClient. Working in close partnership, technologists from the defense sector of the US government and from Citrix developed key innovations for XenClient, the high-performance bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on client device hardware, that helps the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) meet the most extreme security requirements. This session will go a few clicks down from the Thursday general session, exploring the unique security and data isolation capabilities in XenClient and how this helps the DIA meet is demanding computing needs.

4:00pm – 4:45pm – SYN109: Citibank shares its expertise on large-scale desktop virtualization deployments
Location: Moscone West – 2004 – 2006

The IT team at Citibank operates at a scale beyond the vast majority of businesses, creating challenges for implementation, on-going management and maintenance of the desktops, applications and data that are critical to its success. In this session, you’ll hear about the priorities that led Citibank to choose and implement XenDesktop and XenApp, and more details about its experience with a large scale deployment of desktop virtualization. This session will drill down into implementation details, cover critical points and considerations along the way and provide advice that can help ensure your success.

And don’t forget the Synergy – Final Night Party featuring Train at 7:00pm on Thursday in Moscone West – Level 3.

Look forward to seeing you at Synergy!