Anyone following my blogs will know that I’ve been banging the drum about Citrix Synergy over the last few months. I’ve extolled the virtues of our VIP presenters; I’ve encouraged you to register to attend the event in San Francisco – such a great town; and I’ve recommended that you review the session catalog and identify all the classes and certifications you’ll want to take in order to advance your career and help achieve your company’s business objectives.

Synergy kicks off later today with Geek Speak live and the opening of the Expo Hall, and I have another big update for you.  For those of you who really cannot make it to SF (and I’m amazed at the hundreds of people that have walked in to Moscone to register on site!), I want you to know that you are still able to reap many of the benefits of this premier industry event without having to travel. Don’t get me wrong – YES, I want you to attend Synergy in person (and I can’t wait to see you!).  Thanks to streaming technology, you can still learn and be inspired by all the Synergy fanatics, er, I mean experts, without actually having to be there in person.

How is this possible? Via Synergy Live! - the streamed online version of our Citrix Synergy event. In today’s technologically savvy world, it’s ridiculous to think you can’t get virtual access to the industry’s best movers and shakers from wherever, whenever, on whatever device you may choose. This is how we’ll make it happen.

The first thing to know about Synergy Live! is that we’ll stream all the keynotes and hot session topics live as they occur, supported by CitrixTV. You can log in using your MyCitrix, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts from your PC or mobile device. You can preview some of the top Synergy sessions here, where select presenters provide a quick teaser of the breakouts they’ll be leading.

Important note: all the Synergy content will be available until August 31, 2011. Sure, that sounds like plenty of time to access all the material you need – on-demand, at your convenience. But you won’t want to wait that long. Tune in early and often to learn everything you need to know about virtualization, networking and the cloud.

For anyone at the conference or attending virtually, don’t forget about getting minute by minute updates on Twitter at #citrixsynergy or the Synergy Buzz page. It’s just more ways to learn, network and be inspired by everyone at Synergy

If you really can’t be there in San Francisco to take in all the sights, sounds and experiences that Synergy has to offer, then at least you can be there virtually. Ultimately, that’s what Citrix technology is all about, right?