You may be asking yourselves why Cisco is a platinum sponsor at Synergy this week. Well I think it’s self evident. It’s a sign of another market at the beginning of a major transition. This time the desktop is in the middle of this perfect storm and once again Cisco wants to play a central role in helping IT organizations make the switch. To learn about some of the things we’ve been doing with Citrix recently towards this goal you can check out a recent Cisco blog.

Many Synergy attendees have been Citrix customers for years, but most will agree that the excitement and energy at recent conferences far exceeds anything seen before. It’s broadly accepted that we are at the beginning of a major desktop transformation trend that over the next few years will deeply impact many aspects of business processes and IT operations.

This transition from the traditional desktop to a virtualized workspace requires all IT technology domains to play their part. For desktop virtualization projects to succeed, the desktop and client services team needs to work hand in hand with the data center infrastructure team and the networking and security teams. Furthermore for users to be able to truly enjoy the benefits of not just productivity and enterprise applications, but also their evolving voice/video communications and collaboration services, the communications team can play an important part in the desktop virtualization project.

And this is where Cisco has the unique opportunity to play a critical role. Together with our partners, we can help IT organizations embrace this change and adopt this technology with minimum risk and maximum speed and benefit. By working with Citrix and our mutual partners we can deliver the data center, networking, security and communications technologies and best practices that deliver a superior experience to users and an efficient, scalable and secure end-to-end infrastructure to IT. So that’s why Cisco is excited to be at Synergy this year.

To experience the Cisco excitement check up all the things Cisco is up to at Citrix Synergy this week. Check out the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) technologies in our booth (# 306), where you can experience the VXC zero client and Cius tablet with Receiver, dynamically scale infrastructures to host XD virtual desktops in minutes and build a customized VXI business case. Also don’t miss the Cisco panel and presentations (SYN 609, SYN 306, SYN110). The panel will feature Harry Labana, Aaron Cockerill, Doug Dooley and also Jake Hughes from Seattle Children’s Hospital answering questions on the convergence of desktop virtualization and communications. Finally, relax with your colleagues at the Cisco and Citrix Synergy Shindig Party on Wednesday evening. See you there…