EdgeSight 2.1 offers improved Application definition and brand new exciting dashboard for Applications. Application is defined by an endpoint on NetScaler which could be a load balancing or a content switching vserver. Endpoint is where client traffic terminates and gets proxy on server side infrastructure. On Application view the App can be viewed as vserver name configured on NetScaler.

EdgeSight 2.1 also provides you the knob to switch the Application definition to Hostname based where every different Hostname is treated as different Application. This is very useful when endpoint on NetScaler is “*” vserver based and traffic for multiple hostname hits same vserver.

Let us talk about the exciting new Application view. Here are some of the cool things you see on Application Dashboard:

Application Response Time
Shows end to end response time for this Application access

Browser Performance
Client browser performance for:

  • Render Time
  • Load Time
  • Interaction Time

You also get to see various client browser versions on different operating systems with the 3 legends of browser performance.

Response Time by Geo Location
Provides ability to see geographically distributed clients coming from various locations on the Geo map. You can select a client location on the map and see min, max and average response time.

Response Time by Pages
Breaks up the Application into various pages accessed and shows individual page wise average response time.

Browser Usage
This is a pie chart which clearly shows you browser version distribution for all the client access to this application.

OS Usage
This is a pie chart which clearly shows you operating system distribution for all the client access to this application.

Server Processing Time
Shows backend server processing time for this application request.

Globally this dashboard allows you to select the Application you are interested in and also lets you select Global Vs Regional view of the application. The regional view lets you dive in from “Continent” -> “Country” -> “Region” -> “City”. Hence a brand new Application view with lots of exciting capabilities!