My son’s baseball coach has a great saying: “You win some, you learn some.” Unfortunately, his team has “learned” a bit more than we would have liked this year, but of course baseball is just a game. Selling XenDesktop, however, is more than a game – it’s our livelihood. So we’d like to help you “win more” XenDesktop deals in SUM124: Outwit, Outplay and Outlast VMware by adding performance and security boosts to all XenDesktop users

This is your chance to leverage our Citrix-wide “learning” on how to maximize your chance of winning every XenDesktop deal and dramatically increase your revenue. Oh – and when you attend this session you can also win some fabulous prizes on the spot!

We look forward to seeing you at Summit and Synergy. Together we can make Citrix the ‘sole survivor’ in the virtual desktop market.