Simplifying complex certificate and key management

If you are at all concerned about data security, you are familiar with certificates. You know, those cryptographic puzzles you have to deal with to get HTTPS running on your web sites. The complexity of certificates might not change anytime soon, but the way to manage them has been simplified. This should be of concern now that websites are required to migrate from 1024-bit keys to 2048-bit keys. Citrix and Venafi have partnered to create a turnkey certificate and key management solution that eliminates enterprise risks associated with Key and Certificate management while also enhancing network and application performance. The result is improved security, compliance and operational efficiency.

Venafi works intricately with the SSL offloading, Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (SSL VPN) and Application Firewall features integrated in Citrix NetScaler. NetScaler has been tightly integrated with Venafi for automated key generation and certificate distribution.

Administrators can set up NetScaler hardware and virtual appliances to work closely with Venafi in the generation of keys, configuration of certificates, provisioning and installation of these on NetScaler. With Venafi and NetScaler, organizations can scale encryption deployments and management functionality across the enterprise. Venafi support and manages hundreds of thousands of keys and certificates at many of the world’s most prestigious Global 2000 organizations while NetScaler powers over 10 gigabits of SSL traffic per appliance with 2048 bit keys.

The solution has the following components

  • Citrix NetScaler front-ending web applications and web sites
  • Venafi Director Certificate Manager


  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced operational complexity
  • Reduced regulatory and compliance risks
  • Increased network and operational performance

How it works

  1. Venafi discover’s certificates in your network
  2. Venafi validates inventory daily
  3. Venafi monitors for & reports on inventory expirations, policy violations
  4. Venafi acts as the intermediary to manage the enrollments, approvals and issuances of certificates
  5. Venafi automatically issues, uploads and binds new certificates in the Citrix NetScaler
  6. Venafi regularly rotates certificates, providing increased security agility

Watch it in action

Venafi is Citrix Ready Certified!

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