Using Wavemaker

I previously posted about the Citrix and Wavemaker partnership. The NetScaler Nitro APIs are available now in NetScaler v9.3. Cloud Providers are deploying NetScaler within their cloud offerings. Cloud Providers can now provide a web-based user interface to their Subscribers, allowing the Subscribers to manage and monitor their NetScaler instances. WaveMaker has built a web application to manage and monitor NetScaler instances when deployed within a cloud environment.

Each Cloud Provider can tailor the application to suit their particular operating requirements and to deliver Provider-specific benefits to their Subscribers. Therefore, we have provided the WaveMaker project (i.e. source code) as a download so you can customize the management application to deliver a customized solution to your Subscribers. The application is customizable using WaveMaker Studio, a visual environment for developing enterprise cloud applications. Wavemaker Studio uses the NetScaler Nitro APIs in the NetScaler Cloud Management Application to retrieve information from NetScaler instances and configure NetScaler instances.

The solution has the following components

  • Citrix NetScalers running in the cloud
  • Wavemaker Studio
    • MySQL
    • Tomcat or other Java Server
    • NetScaler Cloud Management Application project


  • An easy to use and deploy development/test environment
  • Provides end-users a customizable configuration, management and monitoring UI
  • View, Create and terminate virtual instances in the cloud
  • Manage multiple Virtual NetScalers

How it works

  1. Import the NetScaler Cloud Management Application project into Wavemaker Studio
  2. The NetScaler Nitro API is used to retrieve monitoring information and send down configuration information
  3. Use Wavemaker Studio to customize NetScaler Cloud Management Application
  4. Use Wavemaker Studio to generate a WAR file
  5. Use Wavemaker Studio to deploy to Tomcat server

Watch it in action

Download the latest release of Wavemaker Studio here

Download the Citrix Cloud Management Application for Wavemaker Studio here

Download the Citrix NetScaler Cloud Management Documentation here

Wavemaker is Citrix Ready Certified!

Citrix NetScaler

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