Citrix and Sourcefire together

I previously posted about the Citrix and Sourcefire partnership. Sourcefire and Citrix have partnered together to provide a unique approach to securing and protecting this critical infrastructure. Through this collaboration, Sourcefire can enhance Citrix NetScaler security policies on the fly in near-realtime in response to network security events.

The Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention integration with Citrix NetScaler provides Intrusion Prevention and Detection capabilities for NetScaler where there may be compliance requirements for IDS/IPS. So far, we know that PCI, FISMA and SOX all require Intrusion Detection Systems.

The solution has the following components

  • Citrix NetScaler front-ending web applications and web sites
  • Sourcefire 3D Sensor
  • Sourcefire Defense Center


  • Take immediate action to manage and minimize web application security risk with automated policy Changes
  • Extend your investment in your current solution and enhance your network security with greater levels of protection
  • Lower your TCO with flexible deployment options and the ability to tune protection to minimize damage and the time and effort required for response

How it works

  1. Sourcefire 3D Sensor detects an attack
  2. Sourcefire Defense Center creates a policy and sends it to Citrix NetScaler through the API
  3. Citrix NetScaler applys the policy and blocks the attack

Watch it in action

Sourefire is Citrix Ready Certified!

Citrix NetScaler

It’s powerful!