We have really good Citrix eDocs which explains how to get Application Streaming working, so my post is not a complimenting eDocs. This post will provide simple steps to do Application Streaming – Profiling and includes few steps and tips that we generally miss out with immenseness of eDocs.


For using a machine as Profiler, that machine should have following pre-requites:
1. Clean Machine: Heard a lot of it, machine shouldn’t have any software installed locally, except the ones listed as pre-requisites + Anti-Virus + Profiler Installed.
2. Disable UAC: On Profiler machine make sure UAC is disabled.
3. .Net: Application Streaming can’t handle .net getting installed as part of Application, so install it locally on Profiler and Client, if application needs it. Make sure you have similar versions of .Net on Profiler & Client and have the version that particular application needs.
4. Side by Side: Some versions of VC++ redistributables get installed as part of CitrixStreamingProfiler.exe and CitrixOfflinePlugin.exe locally. If the application uses VC re-distributes, other than the default installed ones, make sure to install them locally both on Profiler and Client.

Profiling an Application:

Once we have the pre-reqs needed on Profiler, make sure you have below points met.
1. Configure Application Installer: While Profiling, always configure the installer to do “Complete Install” by selecting “Run All from the Computer”
2. Settings to Applications: Any settings done to the Application when we run the application inside profiler will be retained, except if Application storing settings or data in locally logged in %UserProfile%\.., in that case just copy the same to “All users” UserProfile, so that Profiler will retain those settings.
3. Adding Files and Registry: Any extra Files and Registry needed for the Application, besides the installer installed stuff can be added using Advanced Install.
4. Scripts: If Admin wants to run some scripts before/after application is launched/closed they can add scripts
5. Rules: Rules are complex for a beginner; they can be added to modify the Isolation behavior, to make applications work.

Limitations with Apps that Install

1. Drivers: Applications that install Drivers will not work with Streaming, while profiling an App with Drivers, Profiler will log an Event in Event Log.
2. Svchost based Services: Application Streaming supports Services and it works well, but if application installs SvcHost based dll services it may not work with Streaming.
3 .Net and Side-by-Side Partially Supported: As stated above .Net and Side-by-Side should be installed outside isolation to get Apps dependent on them work with Streaming, so they are supported by Streaming.