Citrix Syndication is excited to announce all new content set for V-Alliance Partners!

Come Visit us on the second floor of the Moscone West Convention Center at the Summit Partner Transformation Center, for a demo of the tool. All new registered partners will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad 2!

We are proud to announce that Citrix Syndication is live with the new content set for V-Alliance Partners! The V-Alliance content set offers a custom look and feel and focuses on the global campaign for Citrix and Microsoft Virtualization. Currently in English only, and with 8 lead generation assets, this great addition to Citrix Syndication is sure to compliment the current campaign offerings for V-Alliance.

 There are four tabs included:

-         Overview

-         The Dynamic Datacenter

-         The Optimized Desktop

-         Controlling Costs

Along with the assets and lead generation pieces, we have included marketing buttons for our V-Alliance partners. These buttons can be syndicated directly on the home page of the partners websites and will drive traffic directly to their syndicated showcase.

Registration to Citrix Syndication is easy! When choosing a partner type, you will have the option to choose your current Citrix Solution Advisor partner type,  which has been married with V-Alliance. After registration, once verified,  partners will be able to syndicate both content sets simultaneously and independent of each other; all while being managed through one Partner Console. If you are not a Citrix Solution Advisor, but are another type of Citrix partner and a V-Alliance partner, you will still be able to register and syndicate the V-Alliance content set.  *For those partners who are already syndicating Citrix Solution Advisor content, Parnter Consoles will automatically be updated on May 20th with the option to syndicate the additional content set.

Lastly, reporting features and lead information for the Partner Console have been designed so that all data can be combined and/or separated for easy reporting.

Again, I am thrilled to be able to offer this content set just in time for Summit. So please, spread the word!

For more information on how to get started, or to register now, visit the Citrix Syndication Center or contact [].