Turn-key Web Application Security Solution

Anti-virus, network firewalls and malware protection alone do not protect web applications or websites from hackers. Whether it’s politically motivated attacks from rogue states, or financially motivated attacks, there is a continuous stream of new security threats. With approximately 75% of all Internet attacks targeting web applications, it’s critical for companies to be prepared to defend their information assets diligently. This is becoming even more important, and more challenging, as these applications are developed and deployed within cloud environments.


I have been waiting for this type of solution for a long time. I always thought the best solution would be able to discover the weaknesses of a web application by scanning, and then use the results of that scan to block hackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities. It’s finally here. The Cenzic / Citrix integration does just that by protecting websites against hacker attacks by detecting and then protecting them against a broad range of threats. Cenzic’s web testing (vulnerability scanning) solutions combined with the Citrix’s web application firewall is a powerful combination that prevents breaches and secures websites for both on-premise and cloud based application deployments. The integration provides a “1-2 punch” against website hackers, as Cenzic identifies the website weaknesses and Citrix blocks against them.


  • Turnkey Web Application Security Solution
    • Reduces risk by identifying and blocking vulnerabilities in websites and web applications that hackers exploit
    • Integrated solution allows faster set-up of NetScaler WAF and easier on-going web application security
    • Does not require deep security expertise
  • Compliance
    • Citrix and Cenzic provide compliance testing and reports to meet GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, SOX & other regulations
  • Solutions for companies that need to protect their data
    • On-premise or SaaS solutions from Cenzic and Citrix
    • Entry-level to enterprise—all industries
    • Protects customer information, meets government regulations and secures web commerce from hackers

How it works

  1. Websites are tested for security flaws using Cenzic
  2. Results are imported into the Citrix Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  3. The Citrix WAF blocks attacks directed at those security flaws
  4. Users routinely run website security tests to stay ahead of the hacker curve

Watch it in action

Cenzic is Citrix Ready Certified!

NetScaler Web Application Firewall

It’s powerful!