Every couple days, I close the lid on my computer, toss it in my briefcase and then return 2 hours later to find all the chocolate bars I carried in, terribly melted and the briefcase about to catch on fire! 

Joe’s rules for system power management

If I close the lid – the OS shall find a way to turn the power off; I don’t care what anything in the machine thinks, turn the power off!  You’re messing with my afternoon sugar rush and having me return to melted Hershey’s bars, does not go over well.

In a prior life, this power stuff was my world and I was happy to have that world go away.  Today I must resurrect this painful life of APM and ACPI to make sure things don’t burn and die an early death.

Machine is Windows 7 64-bit, Lenovo Notebook.  It’s hot!  Still hot as I type this post.

Why didn’t it suspend?

I closed the lid!  Yet, pick up the machine and it’s HOT!  Why didn’t it suspend.

Check the system event log… 

Read that closely: “The speed of processor 1 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 0 seconds”

The BIOS said I am HOT – The system still kept the power on!   Oh, things will get you going! 

Look for the next message.
System resumed.  2:59:55.  That was about 2 hours ago, when I went to the meeting.

Look for the next message.
System suspended, 2:58:49.

Let’s do some math.  Resumed at 2:59:55 and suspended at 2:58:49.

That’s ‘um.  1 second!  

I left this machine two hours ago!  Did it really resume 1 second after I closed the lid.   Well yes, it suspended when I closed the lid, it just “un-suspended”, 1 seconds after that.

Let’s go back a bit.  Why did the machine resume?  I didn’t open the lid, something must have happened.

Checking that “resume” entry, reason for resume = “Wake Source: Device -USB Root Hub”

Okay, we have a lead!  Something on the USB bus said “wake up”.

Thought 1 – whatever that thing was that said “wake up”, shouldn’t get to have an opinion! 

Thought 2 – The lid is still closed – the OS should ignore everyone that isn’t opening the lid.

What is on the USB bus?

Answer: Wireless mouse!

How I melted the chocolate

  1. Close the lid – machine suspends
  2. Throw machine in briefcase.
  3. Turn off USB mouse and throw it in briefcase
  4. Mouse “moves” during the place in briefcase
  5. USB Bus driver takes the machine out of suspend state
  6. I went to 2 hour meeting
  7. Returned to hot machine that was “already resumed”.

Somewhere there’s bound to be a configuration setting to say that the MOUSE doesn’t qualify as a thing to move the machine out of suspend state.  Hopefully I find it soon, but for now, I melt more chocolate.


Did some looking around and once I got onto an Admin account, it’s findable.  On a user account looking in control panel MOUSE things and power things, it’s nowhere to be found.

Must go into device manager, on an admin account, and that can’t be easily done from a normal user account, which is where I run my day to day world.

In \Windows\System32, locate devmgmt.msc, right mouse button, run as administrator.

Then get a usable console.  Locate the mouse.  Get a panel like the following.
Open the properties on that mouse entry and you get…

“Allow this device to wake the computer”.  Ahh! 

The root of all evil, chocolate is safe.

Update #2

Evil persists…


Next day at lunch – same thing.  0 second suspend / resume cycle.


Windows cannot store Bluetooth authentication codes (link keys) on the local adapter. Bluetooth keyboards might not work in the system BIOS during startup.

REALLY!  Are you kidding!  Do I really care that USB keyboards might not work on next boot?  I don’t care and I don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard!  It is more important that the power be turned off than a non-existent keyboard work on the next boot. 

I’m about to buy a Mac.

Joe Nord