Citrix Syndication is excited to announce all new content set for Distributors!

Come Visit us on the second floor of the Moscone West Convention Center at the Summit Partner Transformation Center, for a demo of the tool. All new registered partners will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad 2!
After many requests, Citrix Syndication is now live with a content set for Distributors. While the content is simple and consistent with our overall messaging and offered in 10 languages, there are some very different pieces that we are offering.  

We have created a unique Distributor Syndication Center that may appear similar to our current Citrix Solution Advisor Syndication Center. There are some differences to note: 

-         With the unique Distributor Syndication Center URL, cookies will be stored on an individual’s computer recognizing which syndication center they are viewing

-         There will be no option to select a partner type when registering. (We will assume all/only distributors are coming from this URL)

-         Distributors will be receiving “Referred Partners” instead of traditional “leads”. These referred partners will come from the unique URL and a Summit header banner driving registration

-         Each Distributor will receive their very own unique URL to use in communications. This will be used for tracking partners that sign up for syndication. The pid (partner ID) section at the end of the URL will be different and directly related to the pid number for each partner in the SharedVue system, thus guaranteeing  the Referred Partner goes directly to the Distributor  

It is great to be able to offer another content set just in time for Summit. So please, spread the word!

For more information on how to get your partners syndicating, visit the Citrix Syndication Center or contact