1) Learn the new and differentiating XenApp and XenDesktop health monitoring features

2) Hear from happy beta customer talking about his experience on the new NetScaler features
3) To give the best questions and win some cool prizes
4) A great way to finish the day before the Synergy party
5) Check out why there was a flowing crowd at Interop for NetScaler AppFlow

6) Show details as to why DataStream gets 300% improvement

7) Unveil the benefits of the Application Firewall AppExpert template for Web Interface
8) Reveal the latest NetScaler platforms
9) Find out which feature gave a customer 30% improvement in their setup
10) Win the raffle for Joseph Phelps vintage/signature wine -Insignia!

Please see Synergy Syn210 session for more details of the session.

More Synergy 2011 information click here.