At Interop Citrix announced yet another game-changer for the WAN Optimization market: Branch Repeater 6 - which contains the most highly advanced visibility, control and acceleration technologies available. We are transforming simple ‘WAN optimization’ into full-fledged ‘service optimization.’ And of course we’ve built in special capabilities for XenDesktop/XenApp that no other vendor can match – including the following:
-          NEW! SmartAcceleration allows you to intelligently and granularly prioritize HDX traffic
-          Classify, prioritize, and report upon each individual published application – providing you total control over how your services are delivered across the WAN
-          Prioritize service delivery based on branch office, application and/or XenDesktop user group – now you can prioritize executive XenDesktop/XenApp traffic ahead of the front desk!

And that’s not all! This is the biggest Branch Repeater release since we launched multi-user ICA optimization in early 2009 and it will absolutely help you grow your Citrix business. For all the details that will help you sell both more XenDesktop deals and more Branch Repeater deals you will want to attend the following sessions:

SUM104: How Branch Repeater 6.0 takes HDX to a whole new level and helps you win more XenDesktop deals

SYN326: Branch Repeater 6.0 takes HDX WAN optimization to a brand-new level

Also check out our Branch Repeater 6 announcement blog for information that is hot off the press.
See you at Summit and Synergy – we look forward to helping you grow your business!