For many years organizations have purchased Citrix solutions to provide ‘secure anywhere access.’ Now Citrix Receiver and Access Gateway have taken this benefit to the next level. When you use these two Citrix products together you create an unbeatable secure access capability – Receiver allows users to access XenDesktop from any mobile device, and Access Gateway prevents any security issues by proxying the connection. You cannot do this with any other virtual desktop solution or any other SSL VPN. Other solutions may offer mobile device access to virtual desktops, but they will also open up security risks with a full tunnel from the mobile device into the datacenter. To learn more about why Citrix is the undisputed leader in mobile virtual desktop security and how you can leverage this capability to build your Citrix revenue you’ll want to attend the following sessions:

SUM125: It’s all about security! Leverage the proliferation of tablets and smartphones to sell more Citrix desktop virtualization solutions

SYN323: Tablets in the enterprise without security headaches

We look forward to seeing you there!