Do you know Morpheus? I guess most of you will think about Morpheus from the movie “The Matrix”, right? However, I am talking about the god of dreams in Greek mythology, leader of the Oneiroi. He has the attribute of sending images of humans in dreams or visions and is responsible for shaping dreams (more details here).

But what is the relation with Project Morpheus? Based on Morpheus’ attributes, we thought this is a good fit to describe the project desktop transformation taking shape at Synergy 2011. This project is about to provide Synergy attendees an opportunity to experience desktop transformation within a real-world environment guided by Citrix Consulting experts. The idea is to demonstrate desktop transformation phases as part of any XenDesktop implementation and following thereby a proven methodology and best practices. Insights into the methodology and lessons learned will be provided in the 5-part Desktop Transformation Series.

In order to demonstrate desktop transformation, we will implement with our partners Cisco, Dell, McAfee, and NetApp a real-world data center for delivering 1,000 virtualized desktops for showcasing as well as let you experience this environment with either your endpoint devices or with the latest endpoint devices of Cisco and Dell. We will run several demo sessions for specific scenarios of the desktop transformation process including Citrix Ready Partner tools:

  • How to assess users types and apps
  • Create a high level XenDesktop
  • Migrating user settings
  • End-to-end visibility into a XenDesktop deployment

In addition, you will have an opportunity to speak to our Citrix consultants and address your most important questions about how you can start with transforming your organizations’ desktop landscape.

A sneak peak was already provided by the blog “Synergy to deliver 1,000 virtual desktops“, where you get a technical  overview and insights into the Desktop Transformation infrastructure.

Therefore, register for Synergy 2011 and experience Project Morpheus at the Design Desktop Transformation booth.


Director Services Development, Worldwide Consulting Solutions
Twitter: @TarkanK