May 16, 2011 – Atlanta, GA

The first day of TechEd opened with exciting keynotes from Microsoft executives Robert Wahbe, CVP Windows Server & Cloud and Jason Zander, CVP Visual Studio to an audience of 10,000 attendees, including 800 Microsoft emloyees. The overall message was that the market is transforming as virtualization continues to drive movement to the cloud and the consumerization of IT. 

Datacenter computing has driven the adoption of virtualization to 20% of all shipping servers being designed to run virtualized workloads. The industry has reached a point now where there are more workloads running in virtualized instances than there are physical server implementations, and a driving force is application access.  Research quoted in the keynote indicated that the average adult today has 4.3 devices, representing a variety of OS and form factor combinations.  Microsoft aims to provide management infrastructures for virtualized servers and application workloads as key focus areas in 2012.

Microsoft’s cloud strategy includes suites of products and services that address the unique needs of public and private cloud environments with a common focus on identity, virtualization, management, and development. Comprehensive management was demonstrated through System Center 2012, with the ability to manage both public and private cloud environments from a single interface. 

This week we expect to see Citrix mentioned in many sessions related to desktop and application virtualization. Today, Citrix was noted as a trusted partner in these areas during Microsoft’s “Virtualization State of the Union”, and also sessions related to RemoteFX and thin clients. 

Citrix is prominently displayed on signage around the event, and our booth is a beehive of activity with lots of interest in the variety of client devices we’re using to showcase XenDesktop, NetScaler, Branch Repeater and RemoteFX support.  Tonight’s welcome reception will require all hands on deck!

Look for more updates this week, and wish us luck on winning the “Best of TechEd” Virtualization award for XenDesktop.