Now that we’re half way in to the month of May, I have just one big question for all of you: have you registeredyet for Synergy San Francisco? If not, what are you waiting for?

Ultimately, Synergy is about three things: inspiration, learning and networking. But we’re also trying something new this year that will show you the power of virtualization.

First, Synergy is about inspiration because it offers you the chance to see what’s possible in your organization. I’m proud to share that for this event in San Francisco, the team has created an event that is “powered by Citrix, virtualized by XenDesktop.” What does this mean? It means we are running the back end infrastructure for the event using our very own XenServer, NetScaler and XenApp, and then bringing that experience straight to you, the user, via XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver.  Our Desktop Transformation booth will be running 1,000 virtual desktops, so attendees can stop by and take one for a test drive – if they don’t have one already, that is!

In addition to the Transformation booth, we will have an Internet Access Center (IAC) which is a centralized service desk staffed by Citrix employees. Located at Moscone West the team here will be comprised of the very people who helped build out the “powered by Citrix” infrastructure, and so will also have the first-hand knowledge to talk through the technology being used in the IAC. In addition, the Hilton location where many Citrix meetings will be hosted, will also have an on site IAC.  I like the idea of these IACs because they give you space to network,  a place to charge your laptop and get wireless service, while also allowing you to test and use Citrix applications.

It’s also all about learning at Synergy because you’ll find Self-Paced Learning Labs, free certification exams and “deep dive” breakout sessions that will catapult your knowledge of virtualization, networking and private/public clouds to the next level. You can also learn more about the “Powered by Citrix, virtualized by XenDesktop” implementation through the video blog series our IT folks will be posting to showcase the behind-the-scenes work they do to build the infrastructure.  Check back herein the next two weeks for that blog series.

Last but not least, Synergy is about networking. From the welcome reception to Geek Speak Live! to the big ol’ partyfeaturing rock band Train, you can connect with old acquaintances and build new contacts at Synergy San Francisco.

So join us in San Francisco where you’ll experience our technology first hand and find that “Aha!” moment about desktop virtualization or cloud computing that forever transforms your perspective on what’s possible.Sign up and see what we mean when we say “powered by Citrix, virtualized by XenDesktop.” I guarantee you’ll be inspired, you’ll learn and you’ll network with the best of the industry!