With the successful delivery of XenDesktop 5 virtualized desktops at Synergy Berlin 2010, the Internet Access Center became aligned with the desktop virtualization initiative.

At Synergy San Francisco 2011, the Internet Access Center begins the next stage of its evolution by expanding its virtualized offerings to be totally wireless and will include:

  • A satellite location for attendees of hands-on learning labs, including realtime monitoring of the location with Citrix EdgeSight to be demonstrated in the XenDestop/EdgeSight advanced, deep-dive learning lab
  • A redesigned Service Desk with demo pods for XenDesktop and IAC- sponsored solutions
  • Delivery of virtualized desktops and applications to the Citrix Mobility Center

Supported Venues and Services

  • Internet Access Center – Moscone West
  • Internet Access Center – Hilton
  • EdgeSight/XenDesktop Learning Lab – Hilton
  • Citrix Mobility Center

Watch the video blogs
Fabian Wright, Technical Infrastructure Manger, Fred Donovan, Lead for the Internet Access Center and the Synergy Tech Infrastructure team discuss the preliminary design and build for the IAC.

Fabian and Fred continue discussions on the IAC infrastructure