Does your software reduce friction?

Last week I used the Mac App store to install Citrix receiver for OSX. This is a such a streamlined experience. Start the app store, login with iTunes credentials, and I’m ready to go. Installing the receiver itself was trivial and it worked immediately. It was easy to purchase a bunch of other apps as well (Such as ‘ommwriter‘, another great simplicity app).

That was fun, but at much the same time I was dragged into the morass of reinstalling some other apps off DVD, network drives and the web. Having to find license keys, credit cards, and navigating different installation scripts.

Talk about different worlds.

This is a great example of frictionless computing. It rocks. And it doesn’t sap my energy on an activity that should be simple. Why waste creative focus on mundanities? If there’s any task that should be automated, it’s one that affects so many people, and costs productive time.

So, my question to you. Does your product or startup reduce friction? Are you making it easy for people to use your IT service? How much inertia do your customers need to overcome to get started? How much can you replicate the out of box experience of the Mac app store? This is the age of consumerization; The user is king; and there are any number of alternative distractions to the task of learning to find, install or enroll, sign in, let alone drive your software.

Citrix gets this simplicity. Do you?