Synergy 2011 is nearly upon is – I am getting excited about being able to show this new tool to those who can attend my sessions.. as I have been working on it for a while now with my colleagues.  When you see the tool – please share with me any ideas you have on what you like about it – and also areas that you think would be helpful to you and your customers to be included in it.  i.e. Is it missing anything important that you think would make your life easier.  More about that on the day….

The tool will be available later this year – so my personal goal is to show the tool as it currently stands and find out how to improve it to make it as useful as possible for everyone.

It is designed to give you information about your XenServer deployment based on information it gleans from your status report.

The goal being that you can see the status of your system based on knowledge that currently exists. It shows you your status report in an easily consumable way…. but also it has a really cool feature called “Issue Detection”….. hope I am not giving too much away here….

It does more than that….. but sure I can tell you all about it in a couple of weeks

Xenoscope will be previewed at the “SUM412D”, “SYN415D” and “SYN412D” sessions in Synergy and Summit, San Francisco, May 2011.

Session : Troubleshooting Citrix XenServer using Citrix tools and a preview of Citrix Tools as a Service