Full crowd at the Citrix Interop booth for AppFlow theater preso yesterday and today. After my preso, I do get a lot of questions and interests on how to get started with AppFlow.  Let me start here by explaining a little bit about AppFlow and how to get started.    AppFlow is a open standard developed and supported by Citrix NetScaler and really transforms and democratizes application visibility.  What does this mean exactly?   Well, if you are an administrator and want to know who is accessing your application resources, where are they coming from and what type of browsers and devices are they using as well as how to best optimized your apps to deliver the best experience for your users without costing too much…then AppFlow is for you!  If you have cloud services and do not have span ports available to install agents or network taps, then AppFlow is also for you.   

Here are some use cases for AppFlow that some folks might find interesting:

•        Determining SLAs for actual transactions

•        High granularity in user experience monitoring

•        Identify how changes to the environment impact the application

•        Identify if performance issues are client side or server side

•        Point in time Top-N reports for hot URLs, netblocks, servers, etc. 

What makes this more appealing is that because AppFlow is IPFIX standard format, there are existing partners (Solarwinds, Splunk, etc) that are AppFlow ready for customers. If you have NetScaler already, just download 9.3 software release to get you started with AppFlow and use one of the 3rd party tools to start analyzing your network, apps and users. 

If you need more info about AppFlow, please visit www.appflow.org  and also see


for Sunil Potti’s latest blog. 

If you are here at Interop, come check us out as we are here until tomorrow!