Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog called It’s the sum of the parts that makes the cloud so interesting, in which I described how the really amazing solutions that are coming out of the cloud are built from a collection of cloud technologies, not just the individual parts (server virtualization, IaaS, SaaS, etc). The Desktop, specifically the Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS, is a great example. Why DaaS? Not only has DaaS stemmed from the confluence of multiple leading cloud technologies, but it also represents a complete business solution for the service provider and the consumer.

As service providers and cloud hosters look towards the future, they are certainly asking themselves, where’s the next opportunity? Where do I want to be, and equally important, where don’t I want to be. DaaS enables the service provider to deliver more than just single app hosting solutions like e-mail, and offer a differentiated service in a commoditized market. The desktop is the perfect platform from which to bundle a complete set of hosted services. Within the desktop are the office productivity, e-mail and select line of business apps that a customer needs to run a business. Behind the desktop, are the data storage/backup, disaster recovery and infrastructure services that round out the offer.

For the consumer of DaaS—typically the SMB—they get exactly what they want and need. Let’s face it, business owners want to grow and run their business, not their IT department. We know they want IT, they can’t live without IT, but does IT have to give them a headache and squeeze their wallet every time something goes wrong? DaaS gets to the root of their pain by giving them a simple way to access their desktop, apps—Windows, web or SaaS—and data from any device, anywhere. Business continuity plan – check, pay-as-you-go pricing – check, no more expensive emergency IT repairs -check.

I could go on and on, but as the title of this blog says, the proof is in the pudding! For that, I’m please to introduce nGenx. nGenx is one of the leading Citrix Service Providers who is delivering DaaS, through their Office Anywhere® solution. Dale Beverly, GM, Ritatsu Manufacturing said it perfectly; “Office Anywhere® eliminates the need for us to hire an IT resource or maintain and manage any network infrastructure.”

In two weeks at Citrix Summit 2011, Bob Bye, President of nGenx, will be joining me onstage during SUM114 – Deliver managed hosted desktops as a service, Tuesday May 24 at 10:00 AM. While I’ll be talking about the opportunity and technology behind DaaS, Bob’s bringing the proof to the pudding. During the session, Bob will give his firsthand account on DaaS, share case studies and show us the solution in action (the proof). But who wants to wait? While I can’t get you to Citrix Summit any faster, I can introduce you to Bob today. Have a look at his video and start thinking about how DaaS fits into your hosting business.

Now that I’ve whet the appetite, head over to the online agenda tool and add SUM114 – Deliver managed hosted desktops as a service at Tuesday May 24 at 10:00 AM to list of must see sessions!