Leading industry analysts, such as Gartner Group, have long provided high praise to Citrix NetScaler and this solution has received exceptional adoption in the private commercial market space. Now these accolades are spreading into the government sector with the latest independent review (“NetScaler load balancer can squash network latency“) from Government Computer News. This on-line magazine is a principle source of information on IT solutions targeting government procurement. In their month-long laboratory evaluation with hands-on feature configuration and testing, NetScaler MPX FIPS received top marks for features and performance. With an impressive array of industry-leading functions, including those dedicated to FIPS (see my blog on MPX FIPS), this appliance even received a respectable “ease of use” score. Some of the comments from the reviewer include:

  • “The best word to describe NetScaler is scalability”
  • “The Citrix NetScaler is much more than a load balancer; it’s really an all-in-one Web application delivery system that makes applications run many times better by ensuring server availability.”
  • “…I would feel naked trying to deploy a domain without a NetScaler load balancer.”
  • “Several application templates and multiple wizards add to ease of use and help build a comfort level…”
  • “With the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance, NetScaler can now be deployed on servers anywhere in the data center. As a result, NetScaler can be easily deployed on-demand anywhere in the data center or cloud environment.”

While the analysis is oriented towards government decision makers it can be a strong reference for those in the private sector. Many vertical markets are moving to enhanced security and are deploying FIPS appliances (see my blog on “Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) – They are not just for the Feds anymore”.) Even for environments not requiring this level of security the review provides a broad overview of the many ways NetScaler “squashes” latency – meaning accelerating response times and ensuring server availability. The assessment also covers several other NetScaler attributes including the integrated application firewall, SSL VPN, and caching.

All in all, the review is another third-party testament to the superiority of NetScaler.