How do you make more revenue? Give more stuff away! Recently Citrix announced that XenDesktop Platinum now includes HDX WAN Optimization, powered by Branch Repeater. Essentially anyone who purchases XenDesktop Platinum now gets FREE WAN optimization for all of their XenDesktop users. So how does that help our partners generate more Citrix revenue? SUM129: How to successfully sell more XenDesktop Platinum trade-up deals with FREE Branch Repeater VPX shows you how to leverage the new Branch Repeater VPX entitlement from the sales presentation to the PoC. Partners will certainly sell more XenDesktop Platinum licenses as well as (believe it or not) more Branch Repeater appliances. Come learn how, and be sure to send your customers to SYN327: New! XenDesktop Platinum includes HDX WAN optimization for branch users “in the box.”